Saturday, July 18, 2009


Elly and Jools is a movie my sister and i use to watch when we were little kids and i always remembered the theme music, but never the actual name, until recently my sister found it on youtube.

It starred Rebecca Smart as Elinor 'Elly' Lockett and Clayton Williamson as Julian 'Jools' Trevaller. It also starred Abigail, Anne Tenney, Peter Fisher, Dennis Miller, Damon Herriman & Vanessa Collier.

The Trevaller family move from the City to a new house in a small country Town called Waterloo Creek - a town full of weird & wonderful characters. The house they move into is haunted by the ghost of Elly, a young girl. Elly was murdered but nobody knows how. Elly befriends the Trevaller's son Jools, who tries to help solve the mystery of her murder. But Elley seems to love the old tree swing out in the backyard.

Does anyone else remember this show?

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