Friday, August 21, 2009

Nine Village Valley - China

This place looks incredible, if i ever make it to China, this would be one of my stops, its simply breathtaking dont you agree? wow!

Its name Jiuzhai Valley, which means "nine village valley" in English, comes from the nine villages dotted in the valley.

"It is said that after you have visited Jiuzhai Valley, no waters anywhere else will match them. Jiuzhai gains this reputation largely from its beautiful lakes, dubbed "sons of the sea", as the locals call them. Legend holds that when the God Dage fell in love with the beautiful Goddess Semo, he used the wind and moon to grind a magic mirror to impress her. Unexpectedly, the mirror broke. The 114 pieces fell into the Valley and became the crystal lakes, just like beautiful diamonds embedded in the canyon.

Whether the legend is true or not, diamond is an appropriate image to describe these lakes. From pure blue to dark green, the lakes of Jiuzhai Valley radiate the whole spectrum of colors. The surfaces, peaceful as a mirror, reflect the colorful woods on the snow-capped mountain, or dance in a shimmering breeze."

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