Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Cassi Van Den Dungen - Portmans

Cassi Van Den Dungen is stunning! these are some of her look book pics (some old some new) for portmans!


  1. see the pic of cassi with the black sparkly sequine dress im going to wear a dress like identical to that for a party!!

  2. Cassi is pretty, but she needs to do two things as far as her pictures are concerned: eat, and keep her darn mouth shut. I was completely turned off Portmans when I saw her one-trick expression (Zoolander reminiscences, anyone?)staring slack-jawed at me out of posters that could easily double as warnings against anorexia.

  3. Haha! She's just flown to Paris for Paris Fashion Week where hopefully she books some great shows! Don't know about you but if she eats too much she probably wouldn't book too many shows... and I kinda think her look would work in Paris.


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