Wednesday, September 2, 2009

This might be the creepiest and weirdest purse ever!

36th Daytime Emmy Awards - 8/30/2009
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No, that isn't a living cat in her hand. It's actually a purse. I don't know if Stacy Haiduk killed her own cat put new silk lining inside it, then tied a bow around it just for good measure or not. One theory of mine is that this is goes with the new "Green" and "Sustainable" trends in Hollywood. Leather is from cows, and cows are in no way considered sustainable, especially when they are killed and harvested for leather. A cat is far more Sustainable and Green, they reproduce faster and with more offspring in each gestation period.
Feline Sustainability Proof:
  • The average gestation period for a house cat is 66 days.
  • Feline reaches sexual maturity after 7 months.
  • Average house cat produces 150 kittens in a life time.
  • Optimum cat harvesting age is 12 months.
  • Cats are self-cleaning and can easily hunt for food alone.
In conclusion, cats are sustainable. Now that's how you do a ligament scientific proof.

One things sure, it is definitely the most unique and weirdest bag I have ever seen.
Is it a bad thing that I kind of want one? I think it might just be worth getting splattered with red paint by PETA.
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It also seems that Stacy Haiduk came quite prepared to the 36th Daytime Emmy Awards. It always amazes me to see celebrities actually prepared to wear a semi-sheer tight black dress without a bra (What a concept). The nipple pasties were invented to prepare one for this very problem. I wonder why most choose not to wear them.
There are only a few possible reasons for not wearing them:
1 - Celebrity grade pasties must be incredibly expensive, they must be made from a mixture of Chinchilla fur, and platinum adhesive.
2 - Celebrities know that wearing sheer, tight, black material will show their nipples to the cameras and show the world that they have a nice rack or just get some airtime on tv saying "she's a skank".
3 - Instead of pasties making you look like one is prepared, it might make some look too experienced, and the celebrity knows that the dress is see-through, but pasties make you look like an over-prepared whore. (See picture below for whorish example)
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P.s this is a joke post, i would never and i mean never want a bag thats a cat. This lady is crazy! I love animals and i am totally against animal cruelty!

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