Thursday, September 24, 2009

What I bought yesterday and today!

Yesterday i went shopping and got the the leotard and eye shadows, and today i saw this clutch in a little boutique and thought it would go great with alot of outfits. It also comes with a strap so u can make it a bag.

The model in the picture has a peachy coloured one, i bought a black one.

I Love this top/leotard, i thought it would look nice with some simple jewelery, some skinny leg jeans and some hot black heels. :)

This is the eye shadow i got from Napoleon Perdis. Its an amazing colour, its hard to find a pic of it online, but its a mix or brown with a greenish tinge that changes colours. (like chameleon) (its really hard to see the colour in a picture)

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  1. I love that dress!!!! So HOT!!! Congrats on the purchase!


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