Wednesday, October 14, 2009


By Makeup Artist Wilson Eliodoro

Modern Look

For dark skin like Laura Pimentel, Wilson suggests greens .

What to use:

Eyes: First Wilson applied a light green shade all over the eye lid, then he applied a darker metallic green on the crease of the eye blending outwards. Purple or gold can also be used on darker skin tones. Apply black mascara.
Lips: To emphasize lips, choose a lipstick in light pink or lilac.
Blush: Wilson used a coral blush.
Avoids: Dark colours on the lips, makes lips appear smaller.


Angel Face

If you have a fair skin tone and blond or red hair like Emille Marie, see the makeup created by Wilson.

What to use:

Eyes: With a brush, apply gold, eggplant or brown eyeshadow. Use a brown mascara to create a softer discrete look. Also curl eye lashes for a wide eye effect.
Lips: Apply with a brush, lipstick with an orange or peachy tone. Also cherry colours can be used.
Blush: A coral or orange tone in the cheeks gives a romantic air of a doll. But don't go overboard, also applying a bit of pink lipstick on your cheeks and blending outwards will work.
Avoid: Bright red lip sticks!


Like Izadora Bicalho team tanned skin with dark hair, To Create the rock star look, Makeup Artist Wilson used purple and glitter.

What to use:

Eyes: For eyes like Izadora, used a purple eye pencil with glitter close to the lash line, but if you cant find any you can also use purple eye shadow and apply glitter on top. For the mascara apply a few coats of your favorite mascara to top and bottom lashes.
Lips: Use a light pink gloss and pink lip liner.
Blush: Using pink blush gives tanned skin a healthy look. Also bronze can be used to give a modern look.
Avoid: Try to avoid heavy eyes and heavy lips, just highlight one part of your face at a time. (was written in portugese, translated by me, i know that im quite a bit off so i hope you understand)

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