Thursday, February 18, 2010

Charlotte Lohmann - Sephora for Mara Hoffman

SHOW: Mara Hoffman

MAKEUP: Sarah Biria for Sephora PRO Team

MODEL: Charlotte Lohmann for NEXT (click picture for HQ image)

BEAUTY BOTTOM LINE: Bold eyes and radiant skin (along with some white roots).

THE LOOK: Some designers want the hair and makeup to take a backseat when it comes to showing off their collections, but not Mara Hoffman. This NY-based designer wanted the makeup (and hair!) to speak as loudly as her creations.

In order to make that happen, Sarah Biria and the Sephora PRO Team kept the models' skin very clean and dewy by using a tinted moisturizer allover and a luminizer on the cheeks. Since the skin was bare, they pumped up the eyes with bold, creamy shadows in both blue and green. "What's great about the Flash Colors is that you have the option of darkening or lightening the color you apply. Since this is a fall collection, we added a little black for a darker effect," said Sara.

Lips were kept neutral by using foundation or concealer that matched the models' skin tones. The finishing touch was when the artists applied a silver glitter gel eyeliner on the forehead and underneath the eyes for an ethereal goddess-like look.

For hair, the stylists created full waves and then sprayed generous amounts of dry shampoo to the roots and crown area. While we promise dry shampoo does not turn your hair white if used properly, when it is sprayed directly onto one area, the product builds up and creates a white powdery-like color.

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