Thursday, June 17, 2010

charlotte lohmann = WOW

Doesnt this pic look like its out of a victoria's secret catalogue!?? Charlotte looks AMAZING!!

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Interview for Glossy Magazine.

Glossy Magazine - Issue 5 - Charlotte Lohmann Interview

With her exotic looks and upbeat personality and we’re predicting big things for this Aussie rising star.

How and when did you start modelling?

I started modelling about two years ago. I got into it through the Girlfriend magazine competition. I was at the Westfield mall and one of the people there told me to enter the competition because it was going on that day so yeah I entered and I was a finalist. That was when I was about 13 or 14. I then went back to school for a few years and signed up with Chic Management when I was 16.

So how did it feel making that transition from being at school to modelling full time?

It’s definitely a massive change it’s a tough thing to do cause you have to grow up so quickly and you’re immediately surrounded by a completely different breed of people. It’s a tough industry you have to be able to take criticism and it’s pretty full on but I’ve managed pretty well.

A lot of people think modelling is quite glamorous what would you say to that?

It can be really glamorous you’re surrounded by all these amazing people and you get your lunch prepared for you it’s always really amazing. You do get special treatment but then there’s also sitting in hair and make up for hours and hours, which can be really tedious. And I’ve had to wear shoes that are way too small for me for hours and hours it can be so painful. But you only have to work a couple of days and the money is good. So it is glamorous but it can also be a bit tedious. You definitely earn what you make.

You’ve modelled for the Rachel Roy Pre-Fall 2010 lookbook how did that come about?

I just got a call from my agency and went to the casting like you do for most jobs and I got the job, which was really cool. And it was really awesome because Catherine from American Vogue was there, it was a really nice shoot.

What would you say has been the highlight of your career so far?

I absolutely love doing shoots in beautiful locations with good photographers. It’s amazing getting to travel. One of my favourite jobs - it wasn’t really that big – but it was just such beautiful scenery. We were up on top of Mount Keira in Wollongong and all day we were just on this amazing mountain and it was such a lovely day there was an amazing view and it was really beautiful getting to shoot there.

Is there anyone in the fashion industry you’ve been really excited to meet?

When I was younger I really aspired to Miranda Kerr I thought she was really great. I just really liked her and looked up to her and I’ve been fortunate enough to meet her a couple of times and I’ve worked with her.

How would you describe your own personal style?

I feel like I’ve always been a bit all over the place with my fashion because one day I’ll wake up and I’ll be in a really grungy dark mood and I’ll dress like that and then the next day I’ll feel like such a hippie and I’ll just wear my hippie pants. I always wear lots of rings like on every single finger no matter what mood I’m in I’ll always be covered in jewellery. So I’m really into that but at the moment I’m definitely getting a bit more into the whole boho type thing it really depends on my mood. But I don’t really go out and buy designer type things I’m more of a market/vintage kind of person.

So would you say you’re more of a high street rather than a designer girl.

Yes, I loved all the markets when I was in New York. My favourite designer would probably have to be Balmain I love all their dresses I think they’re absolutely amazing but like I sew so I prefer to just make my own clothes.

Everyone thinks that models have all these amazing beauty secrets what would you say yours are?

I’m pretty chilled out about the whole thing. For a while I was just washing my face with soap and then a make-up artists told me how bad it is for me. I’ve always been really chilled out about it and have just been extremely fortunate. But I have to say I do love Clinique products. And I think it’s important to eat really healthily and as long as you stay healthy you should maintain a healthy look.

Which products do you love?

I absolutely love mascara I pretty much don’t ever leave the house without mascara. I have the Maybelline xxL one that’s my ultimate favourite mascara it’s so good it makes your eyelashes look so huge and amazing. And I love Brazil nut body butter.

What would be your dream shoot or campaign?

I’d love to do a big beauty campaign but then also any good campaign would be amazing!

Is there one brand you’d like to work for because you like their clothes or you like their message?

It sort of goes back to how I’m more of a vintage/ market person so there isn’t really one designer that I’m really obsessed with. I think they’re all really cool all the D&G and Chanel and all that kind of stuff and Gucci and all those type of campaigns are always amazing. I’d be stoked to land any of them.

What are your favourite books?

I’ve just finished Running with Scissors by Augusten Burroughs and I thought that was just so amazing. At the moment I’m reading The Lovely Bones the film is about to come out in the cinema.

Do you have any style icons?

I’ve always loved Kate Moss’ style.

I’ve always been into those denim short shorts that are just all scruffy and cool. And I think Abbey Lee’s style is pretty amazing as well. Her boho/grungy type style I reckon is really cool.

What’s the one fashion item that you own that you end up wearing all the time? I’d say my rings. I always have to be wearing lots and lots of jewellery and I love denim like anything denim like jeans, shorts, jackets. And I wear lots of flannelette shirts.

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